FL-180 Flexible LED Light Kit with Stand

by Vidpro

Vidpro is proud to introduce a brand new series of Flexible LED light panels.

These unique panels have an array of powerful LEDs embedded in a thin pliable mat.

This design provides many creative possibilities for bending and shaping the light.

The units weigh 85% less than conventional light panels making them ultra-portable and versatile in challenging environments.


Kit Includes:


1 Flexible light panel

6’ adjustable light stand

X bracket with mount

Wired control module

110-240V AC adapter

Zippered Carry Case




  • 180 high-power LEDs embedded in a .25” ultra-thin and lightweight flexible mat.
  • Integrated wire frame allows creative shaping and bending of the light panel.
  • Panel can be molded to a concave shape for wrap-around lighting effects on objects.
  • Shaping the unit into convex cylinder creates a light bar ideal for creative highlighting.
  • Variable color adjustable (3200-5600K) and dimming control (10-100%)




LEDs:     180 (90+90) Daylight & Tungsten

Power:   30 Watt Equivalent

Lumens: 2100lux/50cm 700lux/1m

CRI:        90+

Panel Dimensions: 14.5”W x 10.5”H

Panel Weight:  5.5oz

AC Adapter Input: 110-240V AC

AC Adapter Output: 12V DC 3.5A

Light Stand: 28”min/folded, 6’ max

Total Kit Weight: 6.5 lbs


One Year Limited Vidpro Warranty


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