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6 Tips for Getting Started in Newborn Photography - Vidpro

6 Tips for Getting Started in Newborn Photography

Newborn photography can be intimidating if you are just getting started. There are techniques that can make beginning newborn photography easier and create the proper atmosphere and opportunity for sessions. Stack the deck in your favor with these beginner tips....

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Surviving Wedding Portrait Sessions - Vidpro

Surviving Wedding Portrait Sessions

We photographers are in on the secret. Wedding day is not wrapped around the time we need or want. If that were the case we’d be taking portraits for hours on end since there is something absolutely delicious about a...

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Reflected Beauty - Vidpro

Reflected Beauty

When shooting a portrait or head shot outdoors or inside a studio, I always use a reflector or bounce card to add some sparkle to the subject. This is Emily, I first shot her without any reflected light indoors in...

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